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First Bottles of Mayflower beers just left the building!

May 16

I am proud to say that the first deliveries of Mayflower Golden and Pale Ale have left the safe confines of our beer cooler.  Now…let the feast begin.  Check your local package stores throughout the Greater Plymouth area for our beers.  If they don’t have them yet, ask for it.

In the Boston area, select accounts have taken deliveries and we certianly will be adding accounts every week. 

Thanks for the continued support.



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  1. PAUL
    May 16 at 23:54

    I feel I was extremely lucky to walk into Bradford’s Package Store and find the Mayflower rep providing samples. I switched my regular brand for a case of Golden Ale and am enjoying it now. Best of luck.

  2. Tim
    May 25 at 13:01

    Can anyone tell me of places that currently have the PORTER either on-tap on available in bottles this Memorial Day Weekend? I found the Pale Ale and the Golden Ale but really want the Porter.

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